Experienced driver

In recent times, I've had to take a break from driving to have some extra 'Me' time on my way to work, in light of my tight work schedule. That was how I got into an argument with a cab driver on my way to work. What was the argument about? It was about the… Continue reading Experienced driver


The forgotten toys…

The forgotten toys... Reminds me of a cartoon I saw as a child. Yeah...I've been MIA for a while for many reasons, chief of them being my increasing workload at work. Nonetheless, I have scribbled a couple of thoughts and content within this period, all grossly incomplete. Recently, I took a glance at the list… Continue reading The forgotten toys…


My Genesis adventure – Was Reuben aware of Joseph’s slavery?

As I mentioned in my last post, I would be sharing some insights from my study of the book of Genesis. Chapter 37 - records how Joseph was sold to the Ishmaelite traders and the events that led to it. Joseph's brothers were apparently jealous of him, because of his dreams and the special treatment… Continue reading My Genesis adventure – Was Reuben aware of Joseph’s slavery?