Came, Saw, Conquered!

The missing pronoun in the caption above for any team player is ‘we’.

I’ve had some experience working with teams at work, church and school – either as a team leader or a supporting team player. I have discovered that irrespective of the ranking or position, every team player has an opportunity to make relevant impact.

In all these experiences, I have learnt some interesting lessons, which I wish to share:

  1. Every team member’s contribution is essential
  2. The team’s success depends on the team players, except in rare cases of sheer luck
  3. Team cohesion is an essential attribute for any team – trust and support amongst team members
  4. A team is comparable to an atom with protons, neutrons and electrons. Just like atoms with varying number of protons, a team can have varying number of matching skills and roles. You can have a team with just one leader while others have three leaders. Moreso, you may not be the only one in the team with your skills
  5. A team is comparable to a relationship. It could be long-term or short-term. Like every relationship, some level of trust is required for teamwork

You may have also experienced the fine melody of great teamwork. Please share your lessons and experiences.

Yours truly



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