Heading somewhere?

There is a strange peace that comes with knowing where you are headed.

– Omozilo

I got the inspiration while on a road trip from Osun (West Nigeria) to Lagos, just after the conclusion of a 2-day retreat with my colleagues in July.

On the trip to the site in Osun, I recall how cranky we were and how we struggled to find ways to keep ourselves lively and entertained. It was hilarious.πŸ˜‚

The journey really seemed unending with recurrent questions like ‘Are we there yet?’ ‘Where are we now?’😳

Upon arrival, most of us were worn out and strained. Personally, I was relieved and happy to have safely arrived.

However, this was not the same when we were heading back to Lagos after the program. Interestingly, most of us seemed calm, happy and at PEACE. It baffled me even though I felt the same. It got me wondering and my mind started its usual gymnastics.πŸ™ƒ

Was it because of the successful completion of the program? Or was it the exhausting mountain climb? Or was it the dip at the fountain?πŸ€”Or the nostalgic sounds of the drum beats?

Of course, these factors may have contributed…nonetheless, I think it was mainly because we all knew our destination on the trip back and had a fair idea of ‘when’ we would arrive.

This led to my conclusion that clarity of vision gives peace to the human mind…knowing your destination.

Please share your thoughts on what gives you peace…

Yours truly



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