My go-to person

Let’s start with the definition of a ‘go-to person’.

A go-to person is someone that is relevant for a particular purpose or the other.

Now that we know the definition, are you a go-to person?

One qualifies to be a go-to person when he/she is relevant to those around them for one reason or the other. Thus, you can’t be a go-to person in isolation.

Do people know you as a go-to person?

Now you’re probably wondering, how would I know I’m a go-to person if it’s up to others to decide.🤓

You’ll know when your colleagues, friends and family consult you on related issues and you are able to assist willingly, on your own or through others🤝 (collaboration).

Being a go-to person has its perks when you do it willingly. You become more knowledgeable🤓about that subject matter and inevitably carve out a niche for yourself.

So, I’ll ask again, ‘Are you a go-to person?’

Yours truly



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