The Observer

Guard your eyes…

Seeing this old photo of mine stirred me up one morning.

We are familiar with the five senses namely senses of sight, smell, taste, sound and touch.

In my opinion, all other senses aside sight and smell are relatively easy to control. The sense of sight is one of the most difficult to discipline.

Many times I have consoled myself by saying, “I simply looked on…didn’t touch anything, didn’t eavesdrop. I just looked on” #Ijustdeyobserve…

Do you know that half the time, your imaginations are born from your vision? In most cases, your imagination tweaks events that you have witnessed before.

Zilo’s famous continuum goes thus: Sense ~ Imagination ~ thoughts ~ experiment/action

But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness.” Matthew 6:24a

So next time you think ‘you are just observing’, remember your eyes are likely to imagine what you continue to see, think along those lines and likely act it! This also applies even when you do not like what you often see…

Abstain from every form of evil.1Thessalonians 5:22

Yours truly



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