Experienced driver

In recent times, I’ve had to take a break from driving to have some extra ‘Me’ time on my way to work, in light of my tight work schedule.

That was how I got into an argument with a cab driver on my way to work. What was the argument about? It was about the fastest lane to tow in traffic. Based on my experience on my usual route, I told him to maintain a particular lane to the right, as he could easily manoveure when required. However, he ignored my words and maintained the inner lane on the left (a.k.a owner’s corner). He maintained this slow-moving lane and kept whining about how I couldn’t teach him his job.

Judging his outlook and reaction to my initial motion, I went further to explain my famous ‘theory of lanes’* as clearly as I could.

Nonetheless, he still insisted on driving within the slow-moving lane on the basis that he had vast experience driving in traffic. In his own words, he said, ‘Do you know how many years I’ve been driving in Lagos?‘. He even went on to advise me to order another ride, if I wanted. I was mortified at his words and my frustration hit the roof.

“I am surely going to rate him ‘one-star’ at the end of the ride” I decided.

Trying my best not to get too worked up by this ‘experienced driver’, I decided to ignore him and channelled my energy to mentally plan my day.

I looked up few minutes later…Voila! He was actually driving on my prescribed lane. We drove the rest of the journey with minimal interaction and I said the usual ‘thank you’ after the ride.

I walked away smiling at some of the lessons I had learnt:

  • Never let your frustrations get the best of you. If I had gone with the option of getting another cab, I would have spent more (unnecessary expense)…there was still traffic anyway
  • Everyone has their opinions and have the right to express them, even though they may be wrong…don’t take it to heart, you just might develop an ulcer 😝
  • Your frustrations can be turned into an experiment/experience. My theory of lanes was tested and proven yet again (of course, with an independent specimen…haha!😉)

That was how I met the Experienced Driver…

Yours truly



3 thoughts on “Experienced driver

  1. Coincidentally, the same driver picked me up the next morning. He apologised and told me that he had not stopped thinking about the incident. Interestingly, he mentioned how much he admired my patience and maturity…I couldn’t help the grin that spread across my face.

    You must have had similar experiences. I look forward to your comments.

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