Caught in the rat race?

You must have heard about the rat race…

Have you also heard about the hypothetical maze? That maze in which most of us end up stranded or end up roaming around in circles. There are just a lucky few who find their way to their desired destinations.

Knowing all you know about the maze, would you still run? Would you still enroll in the rat race of life?
Did you just say No? Why? Do you fear getting lost in the maze?

Let me guess, you have probably seen some of your focused and intelligent friends and mentors get lost in the maze…

One way or the other, we all partake in such a race in different aspects of our daily lives, especially in the aspect of our different career paths.

Hmmm…but I’m gonna remind you of this popular quote – ‘do not let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game’. I recently had the opportunity to read ‘Who moved my cheese? by Spencer Johnson‘ for the second time and gained some great insights worth sharing as summarised below:

1. Get into the race expectant. If you are already in, it’s not too late to define new expectations.

2. Know that you may get missing, and plan ahead. Make marks on wall as you go through the maze to help you easily realize it when you start going in circles. You can do this by noting trends, events and challenges faced on the journey. This may help fasten your footsteps and keep you from roaming in circles

3. Create relationships with like-minded people in the maze. It’s motivating when you run into familiar faces on your way

4. Share your experiences with friends and listen to theirs – two heads are better than one. You just might discover a winning tactic by chance

5. Finally, share your experience at the end of the race/each milestone (as applicable). Sharing your story may give you the opportunity to discover what you could have done better and such lessons maybe aplicable to your next race/phase.

So, what are to waiting for? Get into the maze! Fear ain’t your friend, faith is all you need.

Yours truly



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